Integrity Policy

The National Information Technology Academy Pledge the commitment of its officers in all their dealings to adhere to the honesty, academic integrity policy, and respect of the individuals’ intellectual works, and all officers of the Academy should adhere to this policy and promote these values. To raise the level of the academy and to fulfill with the success standards . The academic honesty and integrity policy is part of the terms and use of the Academy's website.

As the National Information Technology Academy does not accept any violation of the Academic Integrity Policy, and the user must abide by this policy during his/her academic practices this website, and any violation of this policy by the user that might breach the public morals and the academic regulations, instructions. Moreover, by breaching this policy through performing any prohibited behaviors that violate the information crime system or the fraud system and regulations for training in the Academy and general rules in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, this action will lead to accountability of the user and take the necessary procedures to apply the penalty according to the relevant laws and regulations.

In case of any violation of the Academic Integrity Policy, the following penalties shall be imposed on the violator:

Cheating on exams:

  • Considering the trainee as failed in the subject assessment.
  • The trainee will be prohibited to register in the upcoming courses.

Impersonating a user identity to enter the LMS to carry out the training activities:

  • Reviewing the trainee’s behavior with evidence (if any),
  • Notify the trainee with the disciplinary action before implementation, for example: (deduction from the training program works' grades or deduction of the participation and training activities' grades only).
  • Maintain confidentiality of the case.